Citroen DSuper clutch wire adjusting

clutch wire view

My DSuper has conventional clutch operation system + manual gearbox.
I faced the problem when I select reverse gear, every time gearbox make noise.
I adjusted clutch wire, adjusting mechanism is end of wire on gearbox side.
It's under the hydrolic pump. You can adjust clutch wire by 2 nuts on wire.
You also can adjust pedal position(height) at other end.

It seems this clutch system has another adjusting. Wire pull "L" shaped arm firstly, Next "L" shaped arm push a rod, then the rod push clutch fork. This push  rod has thread, It should adjust position between push rod and clutch fork.

On right drive car, clutch wire (also gear operation wire)is right side of engine, nearby exhaust pipe.  It's worried about heat damage.


2 meetings

We have 2 meetings in this month.

In 17th Apl. "Citroen DS and 2CV meeting", Organized by a 2CV fan. It was held nearby Fuji san.

In 24th Apl. "CCM -Citroen Citro(cityname) meeting 2011 spring" nearby Hamana lake.

In spring, we have some annual meeting. It is good season for old car meeting (especially Air coold  car)!

How about your country? I hope you have a good season.


Solex Parts

Today I receive a parcel from France. I bought some parts by eBay. My friend introduced me eBay seller in France. He communicate with me English, It's very important for me!

2tubes with French valve, 2 brake levers, and he give a ignition plug (free!!).
They are my solex2200, Tubes are made in Vietnam. Brake levers are also new, It seems reproduction.

It is really hard to get 19inches size tube with French valve in Japan. Of course 19inches size is special, And we can find tubes with French valve are sold only for racing bicycle.Namely 700C and so on.
One of my brake lever is broken by strong wind (solex fallen down), I Put brake lever for city bike as substitute. But it's pretty ugly....

Anyway I can replace them!



April is Sakura season in Tokyo.

I love Sakura very much. It's very Japanese for me even I am Japanese.

There is a park planted many Sakura in my Town. In this season, many people visit to see Sakura flowers, with lunchbox and sometimes liquor.


Solex parts


Today I received email from French eBay seller. He informs me kindly that he shipped out parcel to Japan.

My first Velosolex was s3800 reproduced in Impex (Hungary). I bought it in '00 or '01. It was my first motocycle.
As known well, Daihatsu, they are car maker Toyota's sister company sold several 5000 in '70s. But it was already pretty hard to buy spare parts for solex when I got my 3800. On that time, Solex dealer in Japan "Honorary" -they are a specialists for Vespa and other imported small motocycles- said they don't sell spare parts except their customer. Namely solex owner who buy it form them.
Therefore, Other "oldtimer" owner could not buy any parts in Japan. Only VoloCruz in USA was only our lifeline.

In 2006, I visited France to join Velosolex 60ans party organized SolexMillenium, then I know there are dealers who sells old parts,reproduced new parts and even new old stocks. Actually, It should ordinary but it was revolutionary for me. I bought some parts. And now, We have eBay.

Last month, I asked my friend in California about any shop who can send tube with French style valve. Then he introduced about eBay seller. Still really hard to buy parts in Japan. But much better than before. Sometimes I help Japanese solexists for get parts. I hope every Japanese solexists can proceed their project.




My DSuper

This is my Citroen DSuper '72. RHD 5speeds version.

I got it last year, and specialist who I ask repair finish last weekend.
Now I have a R9, DSuper, 2 velosolex. What a french-lover I am!

Actually my 1st car was also Citoren, It was BX, very nice car (except LHM leakage)!